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Specialist air conditioning servicing

Have you ever taken the time to wonder how your air conditioning works to keep you so cool in the summer and warm in winter? Without going into all the details, to keep your system running to its optimum capacity, a standard that you have come to rely on from time and time again, an air conditioning service is the answer to all your questions. When you book an air conditioning service at ADL Auto Centre, formerly ADL Crash Repairs, our experienced mechanics at our family run garage, will inspect the condition of your air conditioning, making sure that it is running fault free.

Gas replenishment

If you book your vehicle in for an air conditioning service, it is an opportunity to top up vital gases and lubricants that allow the system to run to full force. As well as discovering faults that you were unaware that existed before they fully develop. When you bring your vehicle down to ADL Auto Centre in Perivale for an air conditioning service, along with topping up these vital gases and lubricants, while giving your system a thorough inspection, our team can clean the system with a bacteria and fungi clean. Cleaning your system is important as due to its moist habitat, fungi and bacteria that are prone to build up in the moist vents. These can then be released into your vehicle when the system has been switched on. If you are a driver that gets irritated to dust and pollen, then make sure that you book a bacteria and fungi clean.

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Reduced running costs

If you are still torn about whether to bring your vehicle down to ADL Auto Centre for an air conditioning service, let us persuade you to make the best decision. An air conditioning service ensures not only that your system can continue to run to its prime condition and allow you to be confident that it will perform when you need it most, our experienced team ensure that you remain healthy and happy whilst being in your car. All drivers want to save money and with running a vehicle being so expensive, you want to make sure that your vehicle is running at an economical rate. By finding and repairing any faults that have developed with your air conditioning, you can reduce your overall running costs, as your vehicle will use less fuel to run.

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Whether you want to keep your vehicle running at a lower cost or want to remove a strange smell that has appeared when you switch on your air conditioning, you can be confident in our team at ADL Auto Centre. Offering an experienced air conditioning service, our team can ensure that your system will not let you down and you can continue to remain cool when on the roads. To book an air conditioning service that you can rely on, use our online booking tool today.

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