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Superior diagnostic testing

A diagnostic test for many drivers seems like an alien and unnecessary test of their vehicle, but the truth is a diagnostic test is an important and valuable inspection. Drivers who are already familiar with diagnostic testing will swear by it, insisting that they will never have a mechanic manually inspect their vehicle again. When you bring your vehicle down to ADL Auto Centre, formerly ADL Crash Repairs, in Perivale, our team are here to change your views of the vital diagnostic test. Using the latest specialist equipment, we can guarantee that all our results are 100% accurate and that we can save you time and money when it comes to repairing the condition of your vehicle.

Accurate results

When you entrust our experienced team to complete a diagnostic test, in the space of a few seconds we can discover any faults with the latest specialist equipment that are affecting the running of the engine and electrics of your vehicle. Saving time and money when it comes to vehicle inspections and repairs. A diagnostic test has a lower misdiagnosis rate than when manually inspecting the condition of your vehicle. Achieving accurate results on every test, when our team are inspecting the condition of your vehicle or trying to work out the location of a fault, they will recommend a diagnostic test.

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Warning lights simplified

Have you ever taken the time to discover the meaning behind the warning lights that have appeared on your vehicles dashboard? Appearing overtime to alert to the driver that a fault has occurred, there are some signs that are easy to distinguish. Yet with over hundred potential warning signs available, some signs can be harder to detect. Instead of spending hours on the internet researching the symbol that has appeared on your vehicles dashboard and stressing yourself out with worry, bring your vehicle down to ADL Auto Centre where our team can give you the exact meaning in the space of a few seconds.

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When it comes to vehicle repairs and restoration, some faults can be harder to detect than others. If you are having a hard time locating the source of a fault or need confirmation on the location of the issue, then consider booking a diagnostic test with ADL Auto Centre. Your experienced and trusted family run garage in Perivale, with the use of the latest snap-on diagnostic equipment. Our team can highlight any faults affecting your car quickly and at a price you will be satisfied with. To book a diagnostic test with your local, friendly garage, use our online booking tool.

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