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Increased vehicle value

Wanting to improve the performance of your vehicle while increasing its overall value? At ADL Auto Centre, we recommend to our customers that the best solution is to book their vehicle in for a service. By discovering and repairing any unknown faults that are affecting the running of your vehicle, you can restore the condition of your car and improve its overall running condition. If you ensure that all faults are repaired early on and make sure that all wearing has been restored, you can improve the vehicles value, meaning you can sell your car for more when the time comes.

Vehicle reliability

Do you want to be confident in the reliability of your vehicle, confident that your car will not let you down in the future? One sure way that you can be confident in the running of your vehicle is by booking a vehicle service at regular intervals. Whether you choose to book your vehicle in at ADL Auto Centre either every 6, 12 or 24 months, our team can conduct all the required inspections, keeping your vehicle running to its optimum capacity. A vehicle with the required servicing having been completed is also at a lower rate of breaking down, so you can be confident that your vehicle will run every time.

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Professional MOT testing

A required test on all vehicles over the age of three, when you bring your vehicle down to ADL Auto Centre, you can be confident that our team will conduct a thorough inspection that your vehicle requires. Testing your vehicle to the enforced national standard, our team can make sure that your vehicle remains safe for the year ahead, without endangering you, other road users but also the safety of the environment. At our garage in Perivale, we understand the worry that drivers of older vehicles experience during the run-up to their MOT, wanting to ease your stress, we offer a reliable and friendly inspection for you.

Reliable MOT repairs

If a fault has been discovered affecting the running of your vehicle during your annual MOT test, you can be confident that our team will work their hardest to maintain the condition of your vehicle. For vehicles with faults that have been discovered, to pass your MOT, our team will need to complete those required repairs before being able to award your vehicle its new certificate. If you choose to book your vehicle in for its required repairs, you can be confident that you will receive a thorough repair, putting your safety first. our team will also be able to conduct a free vehicle resit within 10 days of your first MOT test.

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If you want to improve the condition of your vehicle while maintaining its safety and value, we recommend that you bring your vehicle down for a vehicle service at ADL Auto Centre, formerly ADL Crash Repairs, in Perivale. Offering a reliable and experienced MOT test and vehicle service that you rely on to keep your vehicle running to a condition that you can trust, use our online booking tool.

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